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British English and American English



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Types of building and accomodation

Types of Building and Accomodation



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Australia is located inthe Indian Ocean. It is an island. It is divided in 5 areas, the most important
cities in Australias are Sydney which is the capital, Melburne and Hobart, it is a beautiful island. It is the sixth biggest country in the has two people square metres. It is considered the most ancient civilization. In this country you can find different cultures. Inhabitants speak more languages such us English, Italian, Greek and also Cantonese and Arabic.

You can visit Urulu-Kata Tjuta National Park in the north. You can also visit Whitsundays, it is 74 islands with beautiful beaches, it is located in Queensland.
In Sydney you can walk along the marina. In Melburne, you can find different places, you can walk along the narrow and you can go shooping. You can practise a lot water sports in the Swan river, in Perth. You can visit blue penguis in Phillip island.

You can eat seafood, crocodile sausages, Asian cook. This country has an importtant extensión of wine such us The Barossa wine cellar.



Whether you are a lover of old cities or lover of green environment , Edinburgh is your city. You can find a medieval quarter, Edinburgh Castle, North Bridge , is well  worth visiting. A trip to the old town at night is a must for valiants. If you are walking  to a wonderful place, why not visit Carlton Hill?. Don’t leave Edinburgh without visiting the Scottish shops along Royal Mile Street. Finally, whether you are a lover haggis or not, in Edinburgh smells of haggis , you can find a lot of restaurants that serve haggis all day but don’t leave Edinburgh without eating fish and chips and typical sweets.

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